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Operational Efficiency

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Microlearning boosts the three pillars of operational efficiency

Supply chain management

Activities like procurement, inventory management, stock replenishment, demand forecasting, as well as logistics, route optimisation, shipment tracking, customs compliance have a particular way of working in your organisation.

Do all team members understand their role in getting things right?

Process optimisation

Process flow analysis like statistical analysis, value stream mapping, identifying bottlenecks, root cause analysis, eliminating non-value-added activities, waste reduction, automating processes can transform the productivity of a business unit.

Are your people empowered to do this in a way that works for your business?

Quality assurance

Problem-solving techniques like 5 Whys, Pareto analysis, as well as on quality standards, control charts, sampling methods, variation analysis, inspection techniques, and defect prevention have a deep impact on your margins.

Can you say for sure that team members are contributing fully to the best quality outcome?

Our microlearning platform is designed to uncover the latent superpowers of your teams

Align learning with key objectives

Identify operational challenges based on real-life performance, then package and dish out the know-how required

Peer learning for effective implementation

Go beyond knowledge sharing. Peer to peer engagement to thrash out application in the real-world context is key

Compete to succeed

Gamification through badges and leaderboards nourishes collaboration and healthy competition

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Ready-made micro-programs make upskilling child’s play

Accelerate Operational Efficiency

Accelerate operational efficiency, one training burst at a time

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