Rekindle leverages three pillars that transform microlearning into mighty learning

Active Learning

  • Shift from passive reading to active learning with question-based steps
  • No more click throughs - you have to demonstrate mastery to finish
  • Instant feedback with corrective insights lets you know why you're right or wrong

Personalized Journeys

  • Rapid reinforcement methodology is science-backed and proven to be effective
  • Adaptive learning path to support every individual’s learning journey
  • Pro’s finish quicker and newbies get more support - but everyone is supported to mastery

Peer Engagement

  • Incentivise peer support and drive competition through gamification
  • Prompt discussions to apply learnings and new insights in your specific organisation
  • Promote deeper engagement through real-world application challenges

Make learning as easy as TikTok

Make learning as easy-as tik-tok
Visual Engaging Content

Boost results with visual, engaging content

Learning is winning with Rekindle

Fit learning into your life

Fit learning into your life, not the other round

Apply learning real-life

Apply learning to real-life on the job

Earn micro-credentials and certify learning

Customize your app with your own corporate brand for brand alignment and buy-in

Customize app branding

Bring learning to your workforce 30x faster

Are you ready to transform your organisation?
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