The award-winning app that helps heavy industries deliver 5-10x the impact

Manufacturing and Mining

Rekindle trains their teams

Rekindle helps heavy industries retain
up to 60% more than traditional L&D platforms.


Completion rate for  10-minute Rekindle course


Efficiency compared to  conventional learning course


of workers prefer micro-learning


Retention Boost

Why South Africa's top JSE-listed companies choose Rekindle’s award-winning platform

Faster, smarter safety training

Train employees on safety procedures 5-10x more efficiently than traditional training, reducing accidents on-site.

Proudly South African

Rekindle is designed to meet the demands of training South Africa's workforce under challenging local conditions.

Up to 60% better retention

Rekindle’s interactive, bite-sized content improves retention and engagement, especially with crucial safety procedures.

Lower the costs of training

Rekindle offers a cost-effective solution to traditional training, reducing the need for physical training materials and venues while still delivering high-quality training.

Training on-the-go

Mining and manufacturing workers need to learn in trying conditions. Rekindle delivers the training they need in retention-boosting bursts.

Content creation made simple

Rekindle features a user-friendly content management system (CMS) to create, manage, and deliver microlearning content without training.

Boost Safety

On-site training  (but not as you know it)

Compliance training (without the pain)

Accelerate Operational Efficiency

On-site industrial training (easier, faster, and smarter)

Customised training (simpler than ever)


Customized Training Modules

The company creates tailored training modules covering machinery operation, safety procedures, and maintenance guidelines.

Bite-Sized Learning

Complex concepts are broken down into digestible micro courses, enabling employees to learn at their preferred pace.

Mobile-First Accessibility

Rekindle's mobile-first design grants employees access to training content on smartphones or tablets, promoting on-the-go learning.

Just-in-Time Learning

Technicians and operators access micro courses right before tasks, benefiting from quick references and operational efficiency.

Interactive and Engaging

Rekindle integrates interactive elements like simulations and quizzes to enhance knowledge retention and engagement.

Real-Time Assessments and Progress Tracking

Supervisors receive real-time reports on employee performance, allowing personalized learning paths and continuous improvement.

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Accelerate Operational Efficiency

Build the learning experience optimised for your business unit.

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