Orange Telecoms Turbocharging Training for Rapid Market Response

Training for Rapid Market Response
Rekindle Learning Case Studies


Revolutionez and accelerated staff training for swift and agile responses to dynamic product and market changes.


  • Frequent Product and Market Changes: The need for regular launches of new products, promotions, and campaigns demanded a more agile and efficient training approach.
  • Geographically Dispersed Staff: Staff members were distributed across the country, making in-person training logistically challenging and time-consuming.
  • Slow Assessment Process: Manual paper assessments conducted before store openings led to slow marking and feedback processes, delaying staff readiness.

The Outcome

Reduced the learning period for staff to days.

Achieved a remarkable reduction in the time required for launches.

Enabled new staff to access recent micro-learning programs, eliminating the need for in-person training and streamlining the onboarding process.

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