MTN Empowered Sales Teams for Consultative Selling in a Technological Landscape

Empowered Sales Teams for Consultative Selling
Rekindle Learning Case Studies


The primary objective was to shift the sales approach from product-centric to consultative selling and solutions, particularly as the business expanded its digital product offerings.


  • Diverse Geographical Distribution: Sales teams were spread across multiple African countries.
  • Transition from Telco to Techno: The business transitioned from a Telco focus to a broader range of tech products, necessitating a shift in sales strategies.
  • Time-Consuming In-Person Training: Traditional in-person training would be time-consuming and challenging to reinforce.

The Outcome

Developed a new Competency Framework tailored for the client’s sales teams across different regions

Reduced costs for client by facilitated virtual learning sessions across Africa

Empowered sales teams to move from product-centric selling to solution-focused selling.

Developed business acumen specific to the evolving Techno landscape.

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