African Bank Elevating FAIS Compliance with a 31% Surge in Exam Pass Rates

Elevating FAIS Compliance
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The strategic objective of this initiative was to ensure up to 1000 staff members attained FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) compliance by passing the FAIS RE5 exam.


  • The Company needed to transition to Financial Services Institution: The company needed to facilitate a shift from a credit provider to a full-fledged financial services institution, necessitating compliance with FAIS regulations.
  • Training Cost and Time Constraints: The 3-day training masterclasses were time-consuming and costly, resulting in poor pass rates and a significant impact on operational efficiency.
  • Increasing FAIS Compliance Requirement: FAIS regulations were becoming increasingly critical, making it imperative for the company’s staff to pass the FAIS RE5 exam.

The Outcome

A 31% Surge in Pass Rates compared to any prior intervention.

Achieved cost savings for client by reducing staff Time Away from Work

Enhanced Marks for Repeat Exam Takers were recorded

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