Conduct exams online, securely

Manage online examinations: from candidate registration and online proctoring to quick results and real-time processing.

Exam Candidate Experience

Take your exams from the comfort of your own home or private venue. Enjoy a complete examination experience: navigate exam sections; multiple-choice and open-ended questions; track time; take breaks; answers auto-saved; chat with proctor; access calculator; make private notes.

Examiner’s Experience

Create and manage exam questions, group questions case studies and mark allocation. Determine settings such as randomized question order or exam duration. Allocate exams to markers for evaluation. Exam candidates are anonymized to protect the integrity of the marking process. Moderate exams.

Resilient Businesses

Maintain Integrity of Exam Process

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Candidate Authentication

Ensure the integrity of your exams. Pre-register candidates with a photo image and identification document.

This enables your organization to ensure the registered candidate is the same person taking the examination on the day of the examination.

AI-driven monitoring

Monitor candidates throughout the exam: if they are speaking to anyone, moving away from their computer, what they are doing on their screen, breaks they take, logs of all actions – everything!

Chat interface between candidate and proctor at any point.